Week 4 of the NFL season already so that means another episode of Mr Von’s Sweatbox Locks!

With Week 4 upon us and another batch of games to digest it bears the question what surprises will we see in the NFL in week 4? With The Lions and The Bills Shocking the world with there 3-0 starts and The Chiefs and The Vikings disappointing the world with there 0-3 start it seems the NFL in 2011 is upside down.

Well the Lions will get a huge test this week as they go into Dallas to challenge The Cowboys in one of our featured games of the week. Can the duo of Stafford and Johnson continue to roll as they take on Romo and his broke ribs. Will the Dallas front 7 be able to put pressure on Matthew Stafford who was sacked 5 times by the Vikings last week,and I’m sure Cowboy Demarcus Ware will be salivating to get at Stafford

In our second featured game of week 4 we got the Baltimore Ravens vs The NY Jets. Last week the Jets got ran over by the Raiders as Darren McFadden rushed for 171 yds and 2 TD’s on jus 19 carries. The Jets get another challenge in RB Ray Rice this week. If the Jets cant slow down the Ravens run game they don’t stand a chance. Joe Flacco looked great last week but tht Jets pass defense is alot better then the Rams and dont expect him to put up those passing numbers against the Jets

So thats a quick look at the featured games for week 4 and now here’s the full video picks in Mr Von’s Sweatbox Locks of the Week!!!